Case Studies

Case Studies

Bolton Museum and Art Gallery

Installation of permanent exhibitions as part of a larger refurbishment project in 2018.

Working with:-

  • Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council
  • Museum Staff
  • Wilmot Dixon – Main contractor for museum refurbishment
  • Leach (now called “Creative Core”) – Museum design company
  • Monkey – Scaffolding company


  • Complex redisplay within listed building
  • New exhibition space features full-size reproduction of the burial chamber of Thutmose III
  • Complex install of dinosaur skeleton in atrium

M&G were heavily involved in this major re-display of the newly refurbished museum and art gallery, including Bolton’s Egypt re-display and an extensive re-display of the museum’s collection of paintings, sculptures and other artworks in a new gallery, Bolton’s Art. As well as transporting and installing monumental stone objects weighing up to 2 tonnes we installed a 1:1 scale reproduction of the burial chamber of Thutmose III which visitors can walk through, and a re-display of 2,000 ancient Egyptian artefacts in Bolton’s Egyptology collection including the oldest sample of mummification in the world. The Stairwell Galleries project included de-installation, transfer of items to and from storage, and re-installation of dozens of 2D fine art works on the curved walls around the large curved marble stairs in the museum’s rotunda, many of which were large, heavy and had ornate frames.

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